Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Cafe First Anniversary Craft Sale/Vendor Show

I’m doing another craft show this weekend – this one is at Miss J.La’s Furbabies Cat Café and Adoption Centre. It’s their First Anniversary celebration and they’re doing a BBQ, giving away celebration cake, hosting a craft/vendor sale and offering 50% off admission into the cat room. (Regular $10 to get in, but only $5 on Sunday!)

I’ll be selling a limited selection of my Book’d Creations product there, as well as showing the new Steeped Tea catalogue and offering some tea samples. This’ll be my first Steeped Tea show, so I honesty have no idea how that’s going to go. I love selling the stuff… but mostly because I love drinking it – and the more I sell, the more commission I make… with which to buy more tea… (Love tea? You can order through me if you’re in Canada by clicking here!)

Going into this particular show, I’m not at all sure what to expect. First, because I’m running my table solo – my usual helper, my incredible mother, is very allergic to cats. And as the cat café is currently home to almost 20 of them, well, spending a day there would be absolutely miserable for her. Second, I’m trying to sell two product (on one table), on my own. Normally I have the two of us to sell one product, which can get busy. I’m being insanely ambitious by trying to sell both things on my own. However, and this goes into the third point, I don’t know what the traffic will be like. The event is being advertised, but only marginally. As I have no idea what traffic is like on a regular Sunday at the cat café, I don’t know what to hope for. Basically, doing this show goes against all the rules I have for myself when it comes to choosing shows – like checking the track record of the organizer (this one hasn’t done a show before, hence no record) and evaluating past traffic (as I said, I have no idea what the traffic is like). BUT the table is only costing me $20 and I really wouldn’t have been doing anything other than watching TV on Sunday anyway. So, I figure if I make even two sales, I’ve made money, and was able to do some networking. And there is definitely room for some networking, particularly with my Steeped Tea business.

Which, again, is definitely not how I ever choose shows. So, writing all this down has made me second guess my decision to do this event – but hey, I’ve committed, and it could be awesome so I’ll run with it and re-evaluate after! The biggest reason I agreed to sign up is the cat cafe is connected to Ksen’s Kittens, a rescue group I foster for. All the cats at the cafe are rescues under the care of Ksen’s Kittens – including a cat, Henry, that I fostered for a few months.

I’m also one of only… 6 sellers. (Something like that. It’s a small number.) Which could either work in my favour (yay! No competition!) or to my detriment (I think I’m the only one not selling pet-themed items.)

Let’s see… maybe I should set some goals! Okay, here they are:

Steeped Tea Business Goals @ the Cat Cafe
* Book 1 Party
* Sell $250 worth of product (a qualifying party order!)

Book’d Creations Goals @ the Cat Cafe
* Sell $300 worth of product (not a good show for me, but better than my worst show… plus I’ll be working the table solo for the first time, so even if the traffic is incredible, there’s only so much one woman can do lol)

Okay. So. I have a lot to do tomorrow to prepare. Drafting up some signage, printing out promos, and figuring out how to best display both products on the same table. Keep your fingers crossed for me; I’ll definitely update on Sunday night or Monday.



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