Mini Update

I’ve neglected this blog as of late, largely in part because the biggest thing on my mind right now isn’t something I’m really ready to post publicly yet. Although I’ve wanted to write about it, and probably will write about it, the timing isn’t right.

As an update, however, I will say this – I’ve started my Choosing Judaism course and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve had two classes thus far and I’ve already learned a great deal. We’ve discussed Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur—two major Jewish holidays that have just happened recently. I love the format of the class; we discuss Jewish ethics, phrases, and holidays… a little bit of everything!

I’ve also begun teaching myself Hebrew. Well, not literally teaching myself—I’ve found a great resource with online podcasts and lessons for a work-at-your-own pace kind of learning experience. I’m familiar with the names, sounds and pronunciations of approximately the first half of the Hebrew alphabet which is a start. Learning a language, especially one with a few sounds we don’t really have in English, is definitely a trying endeavour. I’m determined, although it’s a little tricky, but I would really like to have a basic understanding of Hebrew before I complete my course in May. (Which means I have some time!)

I’ll update more later when I’m not so exhausted—physically, and emotionally.


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