Hey! I’m CK – a 28 year old with a passion for history, writing, books and crafts. I have an undergraduate degree in history (hons.) as of May 31st, 2016, and am taking some time away from University before pursuing my masters degree (2019, maybe?). I am currently working on a piece of non-fiction about missing heiress Dorothy Arnold (“The Land of Missing Girls”), which you can read up about here. I’m also writing some fluffy Titanic fiction (“Disarm Me”), which you can read here, if you’re brave. (It’s a mess, as I fight my way through a multi-year case of writer’s block.)

I run/own Book’d Creations, a small crafting business specializing in bracelets & other statement pieces made from used books. I’m always accepting orders, so if you see something you like don’t hesitate to contact me through Facebook.

Despite being raised a Christian, I have made the decision to become a Jew by Choice (ie. convert) – a process that I officially began in September 2017 with Congregation Shaarey Zedek’s Choosing Judaism class. I officially converted on May 27th, 2018.

I also decided in 2017 that the time was right to pursue something I’ve wanted more than anything else in the world – motherhood. In January 2018 I began the process of becoming a Single Mother by Choice. In May 2018 I decided to take a short break, and am currently on hiatus while my body rebels (which I’m sure I’ll write about.)

I will be writing (sporadically, apparently) about these processes, along with other things, over on my blog.