Just keep writing.

Last week I had posted about how excited I was to find the muse again, as I started powering through a novel draft.

This is just a tiny update, and a celebration, I guess, because I feel like I’m getting back a part of me that I really missed.

In the first week working on my book, I hit about 15,000 words. Yesterday night, at the conclusion of week two, I hit 30,000 words. Now today, because it’s a Sunday and I have some free time (that should, actually, be used on things like… cleaning and laundry), I’ve managed to put another 8,000 words on paper bringing my grand total, on day 15, to 38,023 words.

I intend to hit 40,000 words by the end of the day, and 50,000 words by the end of this week.

I project the novel to wrap up around 80,000 words, so by the end of today, I’ll be about halfway there.

Typically when I start a novel, around the 20,000 – 30,000 word mark I start to think – “okay, but what about _(INSERT NOVEL HERE)_? Maybe I should work on that one instead.” And I hit that point HARD this week. I almost derailed and went back to an old draft. Or started something new. Or started a re-write. (I mean, the doubts kept coming.) Last night, hitting 30,000 words was like pulling teeth.

(Seriously. Last night’s words were utter crap.)

But then I hit my stride this morning, when I powered through a 3,500 word chapter in about an hour and a half. The 8,000 words I’ve written today have been over a span of 6 hours, and I took a trip to the grocery store, and stopped for a snack & supper in there.

And no, writing almost 40,000 words in 15 days is not generally the way to guarantee an award winning manuscript. But yet, generally speaking, first drafts are shitty anyway. Why not get it done quickly so you actually have something to make better?

Still, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, considering I’m writing this around a side hustle and a full time job.

Basically I just wanted to write this, to remind myself next time I’m working on a draft that this is possible. I can do it. Sometimes the words will have to be forced out, and other times they’ll fall onto the paper with ease. But they’re there. Just keep going. Just write them down.