Here are some of my current works in progress, and finished first drafts. If there is a link to read it online I’ll include it, otherwise I’ll just include the summary. 🙂

Slow Me Down – Work in Progress
Effie and Dan have an unorthodox relationship.

He took her in off the street when she had nothing but pickpocketing to make ends meet. Now he manages her “career”—a steady stream of odd jobs, petty thefts and the occasional night with the highest bidder. Then Dan hits on an opportunity he won’t let Effie refuse. A wealthy family is looking for a new maid, and he has the connections to get Effie the job. Not because being a maid will bring in big money—but because they need a new strategy to get out of the tenements and this could be the perfect beginning to a wicked plan.

Like it or not, Effie must serve the sorts of people she hates the most—those who have everything she’s ever wanted, and more to spare. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself drawn to the family’s second son, Nick, whose barely suppressed hatred for his brother is a danger to everyone. Effie included.

Straddling two worlds and torn between men, Effie is in way over her head.

Disarm Me – Completed
Rivka is on her way to New York to be reunited with the brother she hasn’t seen in years. Max is trying to get to New York to claim his inheritance – and avoid the hit man his uncle hired to kill him. Both know what it’s like to live in fear… and with time, they may be able to help each other heal. Unfortunately, on the RMS Titanic, time is in short supply.

Of Proud Spirits and Losses at Night Completed
When Lilianna Calhoun is arranged to marry William Hurst, she is outraged. Forced to leave behind her native England and return with William, an American, to the USA on the doomed Titanic, will their pride keep them apart when they need each other most?