In case you’re interested, here are links to stories that I’ve put online. Currently there are just two. Perhaps one day there will be others. And YES, both stories listed currently are Titanic stories. Because, well, I love the Titanic. XD And in the process of trying to get back into the swing of writing, I opted to write in a setting that is familiar to me. So, Titanic it is!

Disarm Me – Work in Progress.
First Chapter Published August 11th 2018. Updated on Mondays.
Rivka is on her way to New York to be reunited with the brother she hasn’t seen in years. Max is trying to get to New York to claim his inheritance – and avoid the hit man his uncle hired to kill him. Both know what it’s like to live in fear… and with time, they may be able to help each other heal. Unfortunately, on the RMS Titanic, time is in short supply.

Of Proud Spirits and Losses at Night Completed
First Chapter Published May 12 2009. Completed in 2010
When Lilianna Calhoun is arranged to marry William Hurst, she is outraged. Forced to leave behind her native England and return with William, an American, to the USA on the doomed Titanic, will their pride keep them apart when they need each other most?